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Chemical production operator COPY
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Education: unlimited experience: fresh graduates recruitment: several

Job Responsibilities:

1. Comply with safety regulations and operate in accordance with standard operating procedures and production processes;

2. Responsible for filling in the operation order of this department carefully, so that the data is filled in timely and accurately;

3, the quality and quantity to complete the task assigned by the team leader on time, and actively complete it;

4. Strictly follow the order and quantity of production instructions and keep records;

5. Observe the inspection system and quality management regulations, and products that have not passed the inspection will not be transferred to the next process

6. Correctly use production equipment and do daily maintenance and maintenance work of the equipment;

7. Responsible for cleaning the work place and production equipment;

8. Responsible for the protection of product identification and inspection status identification;

9. Get along well with employees.


1. *** with high school education or above;

2.Age 18 to 35 years old, colorless and weak;

3. Physical and mental health, good quality, positive, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, colorless and weak;

4. Inexperienced persons who meet the above requirements are also acceptable.

5. Place of work: Wuxi or Dongguan, please indicate clearly when submitting your resume.


1. Working hours: 8 hours a day (long day shift); 8: 00-12: 00 13: 00-17: 00; every Friday and Friday (Saturday, Sunday and Sunday) when necessary to work overtime; overtime pay is extra;

2. Accommodation: The Wuxi factory provides two working meals (Chinese and dinner), and no accommodation is provided; the Dongguan factory provides accommodation.

3. Social security: the company pays five insurances and one fund;

4. Pay end-of-year bonuses based on the individual's usual performance and company operations, and enjoy national legal holidays and paid annual leave;

5. The same person applies for a position, and at the same time indicates whether they obey the deployment;

6. The hired person signs a formal labor contract for 2 years and a probation period of 2 months. The salary is implemented according to the company's salary management system;

7. Candidates must ensure the authenticity of any materials provided. If they are false, they will be disqualified as soon as they are discovered. For those who have already been hired, the employment contract will be terminated.